Man is a social animal. A person as an individual is a small unit of the society. The curiosity to know about the recent happenings or current events in a society is quite natural in a person. Moreover when the cutting edge tools and technology has virtually caused the World to shrink and have turned it into a âEUR~Global VillageâEUR(TM), any new natural or man made event will have a direct or indirect bearing on the other society as well. Hence it is important for a person in the present day world to keep oneself abreast of local, national or international news.

When it comes to getting news and information about the political, social, cultural, environmental or weather related, sports and entertainment news then there is no dearth of news sources available today. One can easily get news from TV news channels, online news sites, Newspapers, dedicated news sites, radio, news journals and magazines and others. Each of these sources has its own distinct way of making people aware of the latest news and selecting one among these sources entirely depends on oneâEUR(TM)s needs and preferences. Whether you are interested in getting political news or latest sports news, you can easily get the same from a leading national newspaper or online news sites.

If you want India news In English then there are a whole lot of English newspapers available and one can choose the one according to oneâEUR(TM)s preferences. Some of the leading national newspapers in English are The Times of India, The Indian Express, The Hindu, The Pioneer, The Asian Age, The Tribune, The Sunday Indian and others. With millions of copies of these newspapers published and printed daily and circulated to different parts of the country, these newspapers play a significant role in enabling people to keep themselves well informed of latest news and developments.

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Besides this a leading English daily can help you build sound base in language and thus can make it easy for you to prepare for leading competitive examinations. A leading national newspaper extensively covers the leading political news, social and cultural news, business news, sports and entertainment news and above all a thought provoking, insightful editorial covering important topics. Thus a newspaper caters to the needs and requirements of people of varied taste and temperament. With most of the leading regional and national newspapers available in their online formats, one can easily log on to the site of oneâEUR(TM)s favourite English daily and get recent news and updates in an easy and hassle-free way. Whether you are a NRI looking for India news In English or a student getting the recent updates of your country, you can suitably browse through the news category of your favourite online news site and get the news and information at your fingertips.