The Grip Jar Opener is the never fail lid opener for all kinds of bottles and jars. Since it’s inception in the early 1970’s it has helped thousands and thousands of people with grip problems, removing tight lids and opening frustrating bottles. If you have ever struggled opening medicine bottles (even with child proof locks), honey jars, water bottles, pop bottles, nail polish, baby food jars, milk jugs, and so much more— then The Grip Jar Opener is for you!

As the Best Under Cabinet Mounted Jar Opener this thing will revolutionize your experience in the kitchen. We have endless testimonials of how The Grip has changed their life in the simple every day tasks of opening jars and bottles. If you have carpal tunnel or arthritis and are looking for relief from tight lids then you need to order The Grip Jar Opener. As The Best Opener for The Elderly you should mount your jar opener under the cabinet in your home, RV, lake house, second home, workplace, church kitchen and really anywhere that you need jars and bottles opened. Available in black or ivory— order your Jar Opener today!

The Grip Jar Opener was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been sold since the early 70s under many names. Those names include: The Helping Hand, The Lid Persuader, EZ Off Jar Opener

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